“When a city and a terrace merge together right by the sea…”

“When a city and a terrace merge together right by the sea…”

Beauty intended as art and intended as nature does not need to show off to be noticed. All it needs are simplicity, determination, and respect.

Simplicity means choosing perennial water-wise plants, which release wonderful emotions and scents.

Determination means being determined not to ask for what the wind and the sun cannot give.

Respect for the environment means choosing local plant species that, just like good seeds and good habits, are going to multiply, spread, and tell the story of a brand-new, beautiful city.

These are the principles that have come to shape the terrace of Admiral Art Hotel, overlooking the Dunes that have something to say about us, our history and the green that has been part of our growth, amongst the essences that saw the legendary director Federico Fellini walking around, and not only him but all of us, ordinary citizens in love with our city.

The garden invites you to enjoy a sensory path engaging the five senses.
The Mediterranean scents of sage and lavender, the colourful grasses moving in the wind, the texture of leaves, the velvety grey of climbing hydrangeas, the fleshy sensuality of stonecrops, the taste of grapes with the imperceptible lightness of smoke trees…
Elegance and beauty enhance the rich simplicity of the garden bracketing the terrace, where traditional plants grow side by side with more contemporary plants, mixing their unique colours and scents.

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